About Us

The goal at Valued Wisdom is to serve, and inspire a generation through shared experiences so that we can be the positive change in our day-to-day lives.


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Why Valued Wisdom?

Valued Wisdom sprouts from what we’ve learned from the successes and failures in our own lives and the lives of others. Often, practical things we encounter every day can change everything from how successful we feel in the moment to what we’ve accomplished over the course of the year. We want to share what has made a difference in the most significant and the most mundane parts of people’s lives in the hopes that it will be spark something valuable in your life.

Who are we?

Proud parents of two lovely children, working a regular 8-5 job with a fantastic wife who is raising the next generation of citizens. I have an Engineering background while my wife has a background in Psychology with Special Education and early childhood development emphasis. She is a linguist by nature and speaks Spanish.

Grew up in two different cultures (wife- American and me-African). Faith, family, integrity, and service to all are the shared values that have shaped us. We continue to live these values in our family today.

Truth be told, much of what has been most helpful to us, we have learned from the wisdom others have shared.

SEND US A MESSAGE. We welcome all the insights you are willing to share.

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