Valued Wisdom: Our why is to serve, inspire, and add value to people through shared wisdom so that we all can find, reach, and exceed our potential. To be change agents who make a difference and be of influence for all people in a positive way.

Value added wisdom

Share value-added wisdom, inspire, and influence

Why Valued Wisdom?

Valued Wisdom sprouts from learned experiences, successes, failures, and being intentional in life. Every day and every moment one should strive to add value to someone. Through such a compounding effect, we become change agents of positive influence. We share what, who, and how you can make a difference in the significant and mundane parts of people’s lives, in the hopes that it will be spark something valuable wisdom.

Who are we?

Proud parent, lovely children, hard-working, raising the next generation of citizens. My wife and I grew up in two different countries and cultures that have shaped who we are.

Together we value faith, family, integrity, and service to all, which are the shared values that we desire to share with our children. The growth of these values is fundamental in our family today and we continue to be open to growth as a whole.

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