Life’s virus – Healing individualism

Life feels like a blur!

There is so much going on today that everyone seems like they cannot catch a break. Everything seems to be going south and probably true for a little bit. But it is in these moments that we get to reflect how we have been doing as a people. Life is a blur for most of us going on with our daily business.

Seldom do we take a moment to appreciate the life we have. It does not matter whether you are barely trying to make it through every day or you have everything at your disposal. Just a few minutes to reflect on your life is all it takes. But just like you and me, we rarely take those minutes.

Now we find ourselves in a situation in which we are all trying to amend this blur. This is when we are seeing all the loopholes and/or the glories of how we have been treating our lives. It is no longer about you. We humans are built for community and community starts with strong families. Now is the time to spend, make or break that family foundation. Now is the time to heal as a family. Now is the time to appreciate the value of community.

Quarantined as we are, will hopefully give us the time to reflect and change how our life proceeds. No more should life be a blur! No more should individualism supersede community. In all struggles and successes, be intentional on who what where you spend your time. Make life intentional.

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