The 22 Day Simple Formula for Living

I created a 22-day challenge. These are simple in concepts but are you willing to meet the challenge and execute. Print a copy or take a picture and live each day by the formula. Let’s start today!

Day 1: Live beneath your means.
Day 2: Return everything you borrow.
Day 3: Stop blaming other people.
Day 4: Admit it when you make a mistake.
Day 5: Give clothes not worn to charity.
Day 6: Do something nice and try not to get caught.
Day 7: Listen more; talk less.
Day 8: Every day take 30 minutes to walk.
Day 9: Strive for excellence, not perfection.
Day 10: Be on time. Do not make excuses.
Day 11: Do not argue. Get organized.
Day 12: Be kind to unkind people.
Day 13: Let someone cut ahead of you in the line.
Day 14: Take time to be alone.
Day 15: Cultivate good manners.
Day 16: Be humble.
Day 17: Realize and accept that life is not fair.
Day 18: Know when to keep your mouth shut.
Day 19: Go an entire day without criticizing someone.
Day 20: Learn from the past. Plan for the future.
Day 21: Live in the present.
Day 22: Do not sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.

Sound pretty plain and simple. Right!!!!

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