Debt Slavery – The New American Addiction.

Debt slavery is destroying millions of lives all across this country. America we are addicted to debt and it is depleting the American dream. From our Government to our households. When do we say, enough is enough!

Just like drug addiction, you don’t set out with the goal of becoming addicted but inadvertently you find your self in a sticky situation. The same pattern is seen with people getting into debt.  No one wants to let debt control their lives. And, yet, the current culture seems to believe that debt is necessary, thus continuing to foster the habit.addiction adult capsule capsules

Wake up, people! This is not how we should exemplify and/or teach to our next generation. It is time we take the bull by its horns and start eliminating debt.

Almost 80% of American today live paycheck to paycheck. Why? Because we are living and spending beyond our means. We spend our paychecks trying to pay off debt. When was the last time you actually wrote down a budget and saw where your money was going?

The average American has a credit card balance of $6,375, up nearly 3 percent from last year, according to Experian’s annual study on the state of credit and debt in America. Total credit card debt has reached its highest point ever, surpassing $1 trillion in 2017, according to a separate report by the Federal Reserve.

Just imagine this was money going into your savings or retirement. Instead, we are making other people wealthy and we then have the audacity to complain about how the rich are keeping us poor. It is time we change our habits and behavior, and take control of our own destinies.

Let me be clear, I am not naive, I know how hard this will be. But, the first step to fighting debt addiction is to admit that we are slaves to debt. Alleviating an addition is no simple walk. And, finding the root cause what causes us to go back into debt will be a heck of a challenge. Trust me!

For those who have suffered from any sort of addiction, you will understand what I am talking about. In order to get rid of an addiction, you have to modify behavior and surround yourself with the right people who will hold you true to the goal. The goal is to never go back into addiction.

It is time to take action. It starts with you, and it will take baby steps.

The next generation needs to start learning how to live within their means. We are done being slaves to the lender. The American dream is still within reach and we can still curb the addiction to bring about change in our households and hope the government will follow.

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