Political Correctness: Generational Suicide?

Are we forgetting the fundamentals of humanity?

I get it, not all words or phrases can be used in this day and edge but we have taken it to far. I am not here to point out what words or phrases because that does not progress a solution. However, I want us to think about what future we are leaving for the coming generation.

Avoiding to say what is really on our mind is sugar coating our true feelings. It’s putting sugar on top of bitter medicine. This doesn’t make it taste any better, because beneath all that sweetness still remains the bitter medicine. Is this what we want for a new generation to deal with? Why can we not talk about this civilly now?

We are walking away from having productive arguments that will build us and make us better people or citizens. We are a family and we know in every family there is “crazy or drummer”. We talk about them and their stories, we tell them about their craziness but underneath all that, we still love them. That is the spirit of togetherness even under adversity.

I can, and should fundamentally be able to disagree with everything about someone and still be able to respect their human dignity. We are all created equal and by human nature are drawn error in life. The issues that we claim to hide under political correctness are not going to go away unless we start having the conversation, and deal with them like family. This is will not be an easy task but at least it’s not sugar coated and passed on to the next generation.

Let us look back at the history of the forefathers of this country. They came together for the good of the country and with solutions to solve problems. Now we all enjoy these benefits.

What is your solution? Let’s start an honest and civil conversation.

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